Friday, February 10, 2012

Tweet Tweet!

Hello Everybody!

Day two of modern day technology conquering has been successful! I have created a twitter account for Baybee Lids. At first I was on the fence about this decision because I thought twitter was something people used to update everyone about what they had for lunch, going to the post office, etc... I did not think it would turn out to be that useful of a tool for helping my business succeed. However, I have been on a "following frenzy" since I created it and I think I am learning from these other folks just exactly how to use this to my (and your!) advantage.

I hereby solemnly swear not to use twitter to tell you guys "I'm so tired... blahhh."(that's what facebook is for) and to only use my twitter account for good. I also promise not to JUST talk about Baybee Lids. I want to use twitter to help spread all the wonderful crafty ideas and inspiration that can be found on the internet. Basically, my tweets will be kind of like this blog, except in 140 characters or less form.

I get so excited every time I look at my twitter account now, till I look at the piddly ol' followers section... A big fat ZERO is not very encouraging. I have not given up hope, yet. I'm betting that one of you readers, (even if I just have one reader for right now) might have twitter, and also might be interested in too the point information and updates from the Baybee Lids blog & Etsy store. If you are, just scroll on down to the bottom of this page where I have a "Sweet Tweets" section and click on the link that says follow me. I'll love you forever :) You can also type in my username on the twitter website if you prefer to do it that way. My username is baybeelids. Easy Peasy! 

I hope you all have a wonderful day of crafting, blog reading, shopping, whatever it is that pleases you most! Thanks for taking the time to read my blog. :)

Love to you all,

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