Sunday, April 22, 2012

Mohawk Hat!

This is a mohawk hat that I made for my son. I made another one in black and red as a gift for a friend, and I'm planning on making a few for my etsy shop as well. These are some of my favorite hats I have ever made for several reasons.

1.) They are so silly and cute!
2.) I can personalize them with initials on each side.
3.) They are made from super soft and cozy yarn.
4.) I can guarantee that every single person who sees your baby in one of these hats will go "Awwww!"
5.) I can't pull off a mohawk hat, but my babies sure can! ;)

I would love some feedback from readers about the hats. What do you think? What kind of colors would you like to see in the shop? I have a few other ideas brewing as well so be prepared for an influx of items into the shop in the next few weeks.

Love to you all!

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